Infiltration/Inflow Analysis was performed by flow monitoring at 79 locations. A phased prioritized program for addressing wet weather inflow was developed. The flow data is being used to calibrate a City-wide hydraulic model of the wastewater collection system. The model will be used to address SSOs and long-term CIP program.

This is a multi-year program that will result in construction of a hydraulic model of the all six service area comprising 6 million linear feet of sewer, 18,700 manholes and 98 pumping stations. Scope of work includes inspection and surveying all manholes 10 inch and larger, establishing dry and wet weather capacity assurance and prioritizing necessary CIP projects.

Client: City of Corpus Christi
Project Manager: James H. Forbes, Jr., P.E.
Owner Representative: Foster Crowell, Director
Sub-consultants: LNV, Inc. and Coym Rehmet and Gutierrez, Inc.