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Flow Monitoring

Temporary flow monitoring is used to determine the hydraulic conditions of sanitary sewers under various conditions and prioritize area for testing and evaluation efforts. Temporary flow monitoring can be used to determine: inflow/infiltration analysis calibrate dynamic hydraulic models measure line capacity and detect bottlenecks prioritize areas of the system for further testing establish flows for […]


Many municipalities have moved forward with CMOM (Capacity assurance, Management, Operation and Maintenance) Plan development to gauge where their SSO program currently is and where it needs to be to optimize system performance. The audit provides an independent review of existing procedures, program weaknesses and recommends improvements with implementation schedules and estimated costs. Pipeline Analysis […]

Sewer System Assessment (SSA)

What is a Sewer System Assessment? (SSA) Collection system renewal is a continual process of finding system defects, prioritizing them and fixing them. The “find-it” portion of the program is commonly referred to as a sewer system assessment (SSA). The goal for the collection system manager may be to inspect the collection system on a […]